CE-520 – Electrical Maintenance for DC Cranes

Course Name: Electrical Maintenance for DC Cranes
Course #: CE-520
Course Length (Days): 2
Who Should Attend: This training is intended for anyone who is responsible for maintaining and troubleshooting the electrical components of DC Powered overhead cranes and hoists.
Required for Successful Completion: Pass a written Exam
Course Description: The training will provide information on electrical crane component adjustments, troubleshooting, repairs and replacements for the purpose of safe and proficient operation of overhead cranes and hoists. This training applies to top running overhead bridge cranes, gantry cranes, or underhung overhead crane and hoists powered from a DC power source. DC Crane Maintenance, preventative maintenance, adjustments, repairs and replacement topics will all be taught in accordance with OSHA, AIST, CMAA and ASME requirements. Students will also learn how to read and troubleshoot from some common industry standard DC Crane electrical drawings.
Topics Covered: Crane Electrical Terminology

Crane Electrical Safety

Electrical crane regulations

DC Crane Component inspection and maintenance

DC Motors inspection and maintenance

DC Crane Electrical Print reading and Troubleshooting

Applicable Regulations & Standards: NFPA 70

NEC 610


OSHA Subpart S

ASME B30.2


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June 25, 2024