CM-405 – Crane Brakes Mechanical Maintenance

Course Name: Crane Brakes Mechanical Maintenance
Course #: CM-405
Course Length (Days): 1
Who Should Attend: Anyone who is responsible the inspection and adjustment of crane brakes
Required for Successful Completion: Pass a written examination
Course Description: This course will teach the maintenance procedures required for  maintaining hoisting and traversing brakes on overhead cranes and hoists in accordance with OSHA and ANSI requirements including  preventative maintenance and repairs. Brake types include electric shoe

and disc brakes, hydraulic thruster shoe and disc brakes and mechanical  load brakes. A working brake simulator can be utilized in the training. It is highly recommended for anyone purchasing this class to provide QCT  with a list of their specific bake types and OEM’s. This list can be used in the training.  If hands on is requested it is required for customer to provide various brakes to be used for demo and hands on purposes.

Topics Covered: Installation of top brakes used in Cranes – Disc and Shoe

Maintenance of brakes used in Cranes for Travel and Hoist

Inspection, adjustment and repair of top crane brakes found on travel or hoisting motions

Review of OEM procedures for specific brake types

Applicable Regulations & Standards: ASME B30.2

CMAA Spec 70 & 74

CMAA Spec 78

Various OEM brake manuals


Posted on

June 25, 2024