RG-200T – Rigger Level I – Train the Trainer

Course Name:

Rigger Level I Train the Trainer

Course #:


Course Length (Days):

2.5 – 3 days

Who Should Attend:

New or existing employees involved with training persons assigned rigging responsibilities (including overhead crane and hoist operators responsible for attaching loads), plant safety personal, training managers, human resource employees involved with training employees in areas of crane, hoist and rigging operations.

Required for Successful Completion:

Pass both a written trainer certification examination and a practical.

Course Description:

The information presented in this course is built around the knowledge and skills required to effectively instruct and support riggers and persons assigned rigging responsibilities. Topics include, but not limited to, the requirements of a rigger, how to facilitate a training course, how to evaluate students, and how to become an effective trainer. The training is designed to equip the trainer with delivering our RG-200 “Rigger Level I” training curriculum and assessments.

Topics covered:

RG-200 “Rigger Level I” course in its entirety (Day 1)

Effective Teaching Methods

Adult Learning Methodologies

Assessment Methods (Written and Practical Examinations)

How to become an effective trainer

Course Facilitation

Applicable Regulations & Standards:

OSHA §1910.184 “Slings”

ASME B30.2 “Overhead and Gantry Cranes”

ASME B30.9 “slings

ASME B30.10 “Hooks”

ASME B30.20 “Below the Hook Lifting Devices”

ASME B30.26 “Rigging Hardware”


Posted on

June 25, 2024