OP-100C – Overhead Crane Operator – Cab/Pulpit

Course Name: Overhead Crane Operator – Cab / Pulpit
Course #: OP-100C (Cab Crane)
Course Length (Days): 1
Who Should Attend: Anyone who is designated to operate overhead cranes including both dedicated operators, whose primary job is the operation of a crane, and nondedicated operators who use a crane as another tool in performing their job including, but not limited to, maintenance personnel, test personnel, and crane inspectors that operate overhead cranes to perform their specific work duties. Safety personnel and managers of crane operators are encouraged to attend as well.
Required for Successful Completion: Pass both a written and practical examination.
Course Description: The information presented in this course teaches individuals the Occupational Safety and Health Administration §1910.179 regulations and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers B30.2 standard requirements for crane and hoist operation. This Operator course is primarily focused on cab operated cranes. Our Overhead Crane Operator course includes both a classroom presentation and hands-on practical training with an operational evaluation. OSHA and National Consensus Standards require that anyone operating an overhead crane be provided training that includes a written and practical examination (operation test) on the type of crane they will operate. The type of cranes the training can be completed for include top running overhead cranes, gantry cranes, and or any crane which has a fixed or movable cab or Pulpit.
Topics Covered: Terminology & Definitions

OSHA & National Consensus Standards Overview

OSHA §1910.179 Requirements for Overhead and Gantry Crane Operators

ASME B30 Requirements for Overhead and Gantry Crane Operators

Electrical, Mechanical & Structural Component Descriptions

Start Up & Shut Down Procedures

Safety Devices

Crane Controls

Operator & Personnel Safety

Attaching, Handling & Moving Loads

Performing a Functional Crane Inspection

Safe Rigging Practices

Rigging Equipment Descriptions, Inspections & Operation

Standard Hand Signals

Applicable Regulations & Standards: OSHA §1910.179 “Overhead and Gantry Cranes”

ASME B30.2 “Overhead and Gantry Cranes”

ASME B30.16 “Overhead, Underhung and Stationary Hoists”

ASME B30.17 “Cranes and Monorails (with Underhung Trolley or Bridge”

CMAA Specification #79 “Crane Operator’s Guide”


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June 25, 2024