CCM-600 Crane Compliance for Managers – St. Louis

Course Name: Crane Compliance for Managers
Course #: CCM-600
Course Length (Days): 1
Who Should Attend: Safety managers, supervisors, plant managers
Required for Successful Completion: Pass a written examination
Course Description: This training is designed for anyone who is responsible for material handling operations that include cranes used in general industry and construction. This comprehensive course provides important information for safety managers, plant managers, supervisors, and other persons responsible for ensuring compliance with federal and national consensus standards for crane and rigging operations. This course will also help people in a management role to understand the fundamentals of crane safety and regulation compliance with regards to training, crane maintenance, and crane inspections. With the intent to help them identify gaps withing their own organizations.
Topics covered: OSHA and Consensus Standards Overview

  • Crane Industry Terms & Definitions
  • Crane Descriptions
  • Training Requirements for Crane Operators and Riggers
  • Crane Operator Responsibilities
  • Responsibilities of Riggers
  • Crane Inspection Types
  • Rigging Inspections
  • Rigging Best Practices
  • Record Keeping Requirements
  • Lift Director Responsibilities
  • Mobile Crane Operations Requirements
  • Signal Person Requirements

Training Programs

Applicable Regulations & Standards: OSHA §1910.179 “Overhead and Gantry Cranes”

ASME B30.2 “Overhead and Gantry Cranes”

ASME B30.16 “Overhead, Underhung and Stationary Hoists”

ASME B30.17 “Cranes and Monorails (with Underhung Trolley or Bridge)”

CMMA Specification #74 “Specifications for Top Running & Under Running Single Girder Electric Traveling Cranes Utilizing Under Running Trolley Hoist”

CMAA Specification #70 “Specifications for Top Running Bridge & Gantry Type Multiple Girder Electric Overhead Traveling Cranes”

Safety Council of Greater  St Louis
2330 Hampton Avenue
St. Louis, MO  63139

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Apr 12 2024


8:00 am - 4:00 pm




St. Louis
Safety Council of Greater St. Louis, 2330 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63139
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