FLO-901 – Fork Lift Operator

Course Name: Forklift Operator
Course #: FLO-901
Course Length (Days): 1 day
Who Should Attend: Anyone who will be operating a Forklift
Required for Successful Completion: Pass a written and practical Evaluation
Course Description: This training is intended to provide the student with the basic knowledge to safely operate internal combustion or electric powered lift trucks under OSHA 1910.178, and ANSI B56.1. This class includes pre-use inspection procedures, safe operation requirements, and operator performed maintenance items. This class will include a written and practical examination. Equipment to be provided by customer.


Topics Covered: Forklift operating instructions, warnings, and precautions to take during use

Forklift controls and instruments, including location and purpose of each

Engine operation for electric, propane, and diesel equipment

Steering and maneuvering

Instruction for narrow-aisle, walk-behind, and tugger forklifts

Visibility and blind spots

Attachment options and operation

Vehicle capacity and stability

Inspection and maintenance requirements the operator is responsible for

Fueling and charging methods

Forklift limitations


Applicable Regulations & Standards: OSHA 1910.178

ANSI B56.1


Posted on

June 25, 2024